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Every Ladies Dream!

Custom Closet! We loved this build!  Custom cabinets to fill this space! solid cypress drawer fronts, and tons of room for hanging!


Comfy and Cozy!

This client needed storage and display space!  These cabinets were different sizes to accommodate her space.


Massive Media!

This custom media cabinet was built specifically to house this clients new TV and many components.  Pure white paint and gold clover metal mesh turned this piece into a beautiful focal piece in their home!


Time Out!

Storage and Time-Out!  This client was very specific in their needs.  Storage for toys, a high up display space that is out of reach for little hands, and a time-out bench.


All The Storage...

This one was fun... and MASSIVE!  Tons of storage and display, painted in our pure white paint color.


It's Wine Time!

Custom to fit around a new wine cooler!


Firesides for Emily

We built these two fireside cabinets for a close friend,  She designed all the details!



This was an amazing experience for us! These clients were working from home during the pandemic  They needed a custom office that would allow them both to work at the same time.  Custom sized cabinets, printer storage, access to power and plenty of room.


Journey Hutch

This client took the idea of our Journey cabinet and expanded on it!  The first ever Journey Hutch!


Jen's Media

Long time client who has several pieces we have made custom over the years.  This media cabinet has tons of storage, and the solid cypress top was stained to match her dining table in the open concept room.


Same But Different

An existing media cabinet on an adjacent wall was the inspiration for this piece.  We mimicked the doors of the existing piece, and painting this one a custom color.


Rustic Elegance

This massive media cabinet was made several years ago.  The client wanted a "rustic elegance" to go with the rest of their home.


Game TIme!

This awesome piece was created to display family portraits and to hide away family games.

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